Lobob Hard Lens Cleaning Solutions

Lobob Hard Contact Lens Cleaning Solution is a sterile, easy to use, and professionally proven cleaner. A fortuitous combination of non-ionic detergents resulting in a very effective cleaner for removing protein deposits, cosmetic residue, salts, mucous and other contaminants from all stable lenses. Safe to all types of stable lens materials and to ocular tissue, including the ocular adnexa. Lobob Cleaner should be used daily and whenever the lens becomes contaminated. Lobob Cleaner should not be instilled directly into the eye and should be rinsed off completely. Apply Wetting solution to lenses before inserting in the eye or follow your eye care practitioner’s directions. Lobob Cleaner does not contain thimerosal, BAK, chlorhexidine, or polyaminopropylbiguanide, to which many lens wearers are sensitive.
Do not use directly in the eye.

Large bottle: $14.88 (US)...( Sterile 4 FL OZ/118mL )


Small bottle: $10.28
(US)...( Sterile 2 FL OZ/60mL )


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