Does the Compliance/Travel Kit contain contact lenses?

No, it does not contain contact lenses. Pls. refer to the picture on our website.

Do you have information about soft or hard contact lenses?

As manufacturers of contact lens solutions, we are unable to fully advise you about anything but solutions. You should consult with your contact lens fitting professional.

Do you provide enzymatic cleaner?

No, because we believe that they are not needed unless the front surface of your lens is compromised by scratching, etc. If they are scratched, it is best to replace them or consult with your eye-care professional.

Does the Optimum by Lobob™ Extra Strength Cleaner need to be used daily?

It depends a lot on how clean your lenses stay with the use of the C/D/S (Optimum by Lobob® Cleaning/Disinfecting/Storage). If you are a heavy mucus producer, we recommend using the ESC three to four times per week.

Can I use Optimum CDS on my Hydra-PEG coated lenses?

According to studies conducted by the lens manufacturer, the Optimum CDS is compatible with the Hydra-PEG coated lenses. However, always seek the advise of your contact lens fitter to ensure compliance with recommended solutions. Additionally, the Optimum CDS MUST be rinsed completely with recommended rinsing solution. DO NOT PUT CDS SOLUTION DIRECTLY IN THE EYE.

I get ulcerations if I wear my contacts too long, any suggestions?

No, please consult your fitting professional.

Are your solutions safe to use?

es, our solutions are safe and FDA-approved. However, you must follow directions carefully.

Do you carry a plunger or item that assist new RGP users in removing their contacts?

Please contact your eye care professional for advice on what device to use for inserting or removing your contact lenses.

Why do you put red tip and red cap on your packaging?

This is to warn consumers that the product should not be put directly in the eye. Solutions must be completely rinsed off from the lenses before insertion. Eye irritation can otherwise result.

I am allergic to sodium bisulfite, can I still use your solutions?

If you are allergic to sodium bisulfite, do not use the Optimum by Lobob® W/RW (Wetting/Rewetting) drop as it contains sodium bisulfite.

I accidentally put the cleaner in my eye. What should I do?

If accidentally instilled in the eye, the eye will sting and become red. Flush the eye repeatedly with cool tap water. If pain or redness persists, consult a physician. If swallowed, drink extra water.

Where can I find general information about contact lenses? has many pages of information about contact lenses, as well as other eye health and vision correction topics.

What is the minimum expiration date of products sold on our website?

The minimum expiration date is 3 months on all contact lens solutions. However, we may offer a discount on products with less than 3 months expiration.

What is your cancellation and package claim policy?

Since we process orders expeditiously, you may cancel your order within 1 hour of checkout. If you cancel your order after 1 hour, we will do our best to cancel the order but cannot guarantee that we will be able to stop shipment especially if the order has already been shipped. Our policy for package claims such as non-receipt is 30 days from shipped date. You must submit a claim for missing package within 30 days. All claims for non-receipt after 30 days will be denied.

Why are Lobob solutions overpriced on Amazon, eBay, etc?

Lobob is NOT affiliated with any Amazon or eBay re-sellers. Re-sellers are price gouging our products to take advantage of our customers who are looking for solutions. We do not support such malpractice. Please report any websites that are price gouging our solutions by emailing us a direct link to:

Why were the Lobob Hard Sterile Solutions and Sof/Pro 2 discontinued?

Due to low popularity and demand for the solutions over the years, we found ourselves discarding excess stock. As a result, we decided to discontinue these solutions. A direct substitute for the Hard Sterile Solutions are our Optimum by Lobob products, which can be found on our home page. We strongly suggest to seek advice from your eye care professional to explore alternate solutions you can use with your soft contact lenses.

I can't find Lobob Solutions. What is going on, where can I buy, and what should I do?

What is happening: Unfortunately, our contract manufacturer has temporarily stopped production of our solutions due to a backorder issue, which is why our products are hard to find in stores. Our manufacturer has not given us a time frame for when to expect a restock nor do we have any idea as this situation is completely out of our control. Where to Buy: You can visit our online shop and purchase the solutions that are available. Solutions are selling out fast so you may not see all of our products in the web store. Up to date product availability can be viewed by clicking on the "Shop" tab above. What to do now: Contact your eye care provider or contact lens manufacturer for alternate solutions that will work with your lenses. Since there is no ETA for a restock, it would be a good idea to be prepared in case Lobob is still out of stock in the near future. A comparable product some customers have reported success is called, "Clear Care" by Alcon. Please consult with your eye care professional or lens manufacturer whether this product is safe to use on your contact lenses. Lobob has no plans of discontinuing any products from the Optimum product line. We hope to continue supplying solutions to our customers in the future.

How will I know when Lobob will be back in stock?

Please sign up on our website to join as a member of Lobob. Navigate to the top right hand corner of Lobob's website and click on the rectangular box that says "Join/Log In To Lobob Member Profile". Once you've signed up, you'll be sent an email if/when there is product availability news to share.

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